Radio Interview for Star Trek Into Darkness

May 25, 2013
Last week I had a fun chat with the folks at Kraze 101.3 Rae and I are old buddies from way back. I know some embarrassing stories about her, but she knows way more about me (I believe that’s referred to as “mutually assured destruction”), so we kept things civil. Listen to it here: Kraze

Beam me up!

May 2, 2013
I’ve had to keep a lid on this for over a year and a half now, but I recently got clearance to release this very exciting news: Starting May 17th you’ll be able to stroll to a theater near you and watch me on the big screen in Star Trek Into Darkness. Since JJ Abrams

Working with Metallica!

August 30, 2012
Recently I booked an interesting little role in a cool new feature film project by Metallica. They’ve been keeping the details on this really quiet so I’m not going to say more about the project or my role in it at this time. All I will say is that I’ve been reading the script and

Welcome to my acting website

August 5, 2012
Aside from regularly uploading new videos and pics from my acting adventures, I plan on using this ‘News’ page to keep everyone posted on the status of current and upcoming projects. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, then that’s something we have in common. Click the icons on the bottom of the page to find